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Address in BI

 Define Menu > Model Action > OpenSees item in Combobox


Object Name:

  • Name of the object in BI
  • Authorized names are made using the letters of the alphabet and numbers, except the first letter. Use of “_” and space is not allowed.
  • It is not allowed to use the names in the Pane Model

File Name:

  • Name of Python file which is included the OpenSeespy model
  • In the header of this file: (import openseespy.opensees as ops), and use function same as (ops.node, ops,element, etc)
  • In the end of this file: define your model output same as (ops.result = modeloutput), for example : ops.result = ops.nodeDisp(3,1)


  • Name of Random Variables which are used to generate an OpenSees Model